High Tech Dental Practice


Advancements in dental technology have existed as long as dentistry. Dentists have always sought ways to improve dental care in terms of patient outcomes and patient comfort. Digital-Dentistry takes patient comfort and patient outcomes to a new level. 




One less reason to hate your dentist!

The list of reasons that patients give for disliking a visit to the dentist is actually very short! Messy, foul-tasting, gag-reflex inducing impression materials feature highly. Dental Care Australia has eliminated messy traditional impressions with the iTero - Which captures a digital impression of your teeth! Furthermore, because the impression is digital it can be stopped and started whenever you decide and the intelligent software will simply stitch the images together later.

Traditional Impression Vs Digital Impression

An end to inefficient dental practices

When your tooth is damaged and requires a restoration such as a crown the tooth must be 'prepared'. This involves reducing the tooth structure down so that a crown can be placed to restore the tooth. With traditional impression material the dentist might prepare a tooth and have a crown built that does not fit in the mouth without reducing the healthy structure of surrounding teeth. With iTero, the dentist knows exactly what the space will be between the new crown and surrounding teeth, ensuring that a first time fitting crown is manufactured and surrounding teeth do not have to be reduced to make space for the prosthesis.

iTero Wand